"What happened...?"

ABC wasn't impressed though. They said, 'Yeeaaaaah, if we pay you a bunch of money, will you go away?"

Meanwhile all over town, NBC, FOX and UPN all went "Huh? They passed on Heat Vision and Jack?" And a bidding war between three (really two) Networks began. Our quote was already high since The Protagonist was an hour long show and HV&J was 22 minutes. Money was going back and forth, getting bigger and bigger, finally FOX agreed to make us executive producers and we went with them. Wow. That was so easy!

"You know what, Dan? TV doesn't suck."

"It sure doesn't, Buddy. It sure doesn't."

We got our dream cast Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor and after a lot of begging … Ron Silver (Ron loved the idea, he was just tied up with Veronica's Closet).

Production began, sets were built, motorcycles were bought, friends were made and money was spent. A lot of money. Things were going so fast and I had no idea how lucky I was. This was a very rare thing. 100s of pilots are written every year and about only 20 of them get made and about five of those get on TV. But what did I have to worry? I've got Ben Stiller on my side and I co-wrote the greatest television show ever, weʼre a shoe in. Thereʼs no way Heat Vision and Jack isn't going to get picked up for series.

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