"What happened...?"

Something began to happen to me. I changed. I started expecting things. I was answering my cell phone by saying "Hit Me." I was snapping at waitresses. I was turning into a dick. After you hear the word "genius" the first million times, you start to believe it. (For all you up and comers, take the word "genius" with a dumptruck of salt out here.) I wasn't a genius, I was just in the right place in the right time.

But not for long.

We turned in the pilot. It looked nice. We were proud. And awaited FOX's reaction. Because the now-legendary Heat Vision and Jack was a guaranteed pick up, we started hiring writers for the series. We were interviewing one would be writer when we heard a knock at the door. It was Ben's Television producer.

"Guys can I talk to you in my office." She said.

"Sure. Probably more good news."

We sat down. She closed the door. And said:

"I'm not going to shit you. We didn't get picked up."

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