"What happened...?"

That weekend was one of the best writing experiences I ever had with Dan. We laughed the entire time and just wanted to finish the pilot so we could write episode two. Monday morning we threw it into an envelope and had it messengered to Stiller on the set of Mystery Men.

"Let's go get some breakfast." Dan said.

We went to eat at "The Beard-less Lucas." (actually it's called the 101 Cafe but the first time we went there, we saw a guy who looked like George Lucas without a beard)

"Do you think Ben will like it?" I said.

"Don't know. We're feature writers anyway. TV sucks."

We both went home and waiting on our answering machines were multiple messages from Ben telling us "this is soooo fucking funny. I want to do this next!"

And everything went crazy. The phone was constantly ringing. People were saying we "Hit it so far out of the park." Jack Black called and thanked us for writing such a funny script for him. Micheal Keaton asked to hang out with us one afternoon, we were invited to parties, I got laid. The salad days had returned.

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