"What happened...?"

"Yeaaaaaaahh, can you come up with something else? Something that's not so Out there?"

"Okay, we'll try." And we hung up the phone, kinda pissed. "Dude, TV totally sucks." During this time, "There's Something About Mary" came out and Ben became a household name, so everything he was attached to was getting lots of attention. Ben asked us if we had any ideas for an actor named Jack Black. We only knew him from The Cable Guy and The Never Ending Story Pt. 3 and only heard rumors of Tenacious D. We got tickets to see the D and were blown away. This guy was amazing. So much energy and commitment, we had to work with him.

We saw in Jack, a Shattner-esque zeal, something I remembered from The Never Ending Story Pt. 3. Here this guy was in this shitty movie and totally wasn't phoning it in. Awesome. I've always wanted to make a low-budget sci-fi action show. I have a great love for Dr. Who and Old-school Star Trek and Dan was super gay for Knightrider and Automan. I guess, in a way, we all were.

So we sat down one weekend and wrote the first draft of Heat Vision and Jack. People heard what we were doing and tried to talk us out of finishing the script. An executive even said "I love you guys, I just don't want you to waste your time on an idea that's totally out there."

Dan, hung up and said "Fuck her. This is going to the best thing we've ever written. Just to prove her wrong."

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