Check out the new pictures! I think they look great!

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    1 ShockerToys

    Painted Versions will be at Toy Fair

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    2 Bryan

    Wow it really does look great, is there any release date yet?

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    4 ShockerToys

    Products will be in tooling and production starting Feb1st.

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    5 Chris

    Man, that is so kickin rad! When can I buy one?

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    6 shane

    i definitely want some sol variants!

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    7 Jonaas

    Lord Almighty…

    It’s nice of Shocker Toys to give us an rundown of the production dates, but I want my toy NOW.

    Great, great stuff. All it needs now is a Jeff in Bacta Tank accessory.

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    This toy does scud justice in every imagenable way.

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    9 shane

    how tall are these going to be btw? still 6 inches?

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    10 Ryan

    They look really great. The poseability looks fantastic.

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    11 Dan

    Was WAY disappointed when I saw it in San Diego – this thing is a complete 180…my wanting knows no end.

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    13 Steve

    It looks great but it’s still Shocker Toys. And they have about a .000 batting average when it comes to actually RELEASING toys. So, while this is lovely I have no faith I’ll ever be able to walk into a toy store, pick one up, and take it home.

    Case in point? How many years have we been hearing about GWAR toys?

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    14 ShockerToys

    Steve these will be released 60-90 days after Toy Fair and that is a fact. Go light the fire somewhere else.

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    15 Rob

    Steve, do you have a website that I can take a shit on? Just curious.

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    16 Steve

    What retailers will I be able to find them at 60-90 days after Toy Fair? I’m definitely down for one, just like I am for the GWAR figures I still can’t buy.

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    17 Rob

    Steve, would you please go away. Complain on your own website.

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    18 shane


    can’t wait for this guys!

    gonna make a scud armada!

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    19 Steve

    K, Rob. I’ll be back 91 days after Toy Fair…

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    20 Rob

    Actually, I’d rather you never come back.

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    21 Wil

    Man, the guns look awesome. I can’t wait for Rob
    to do some ol’ school stop motion with this thing, eH?

    I’ll supply the playdough.

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    22 ShockerToys

    Can I help? I will provide the figures =)

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    23 ChrisJinx

    I’ll supply the alcohol and “party favors” ;)

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    24 ChrisJinx

    Also, those pictures kick serious taint!

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    25 Ray Sumser

    I’ve watched the progress for these guys on and off since the first Newsarma article announcing their development. I never post these boards, but… wow. These toys look so exciting in so many ways. The model has even come around from looking like Issue One Scud to the fully developed Scud I arrived at complete obsession with in middle school. Rob, thank you for bringing back something that felt unfinished for a lot of us, too.

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    26 Paul

    God bless the man who invented ball joints.

    Paint or no, whatever its release, it just smashing to see what a Scud looks like without an outline.

    Maybe you can get Tennapel to do some stop-motion with this sucker.

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    27 joseph gabbard

    the disclaimer on his back looks like a button. it would be cool if he had a mini voice recorder in him. press the button and he says a couple seconds of dialogue. I have started making him a space suit that I can put him in. Oh and hey Rob, are you going to wizard world L.A.? I hope so. The Doctor should team up with Scud that would be cool.

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    28 Dustin White

    Just curious if this is the start of more figures from the Scud comic, because a Jeff figure would be insane?!Think of all the things you could attach?! And Drywall would be just as great, although I can see the complications of multiple hands poking out here and there. I like what I’ve seen thus far, hoping for big things for the figure!

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    29 Wilson

    It would indeed be nice to have a series of Scud figures. I guess it is all going to depend on how much money they’re gonna make off of the Scud eh? I hope it does well enough for the other characters to get a fig… or at least some accessories for the Scud.

    What is the ratio going to be like for Scud to Scud Sol in a case? (And how many figures will be in a case or box or what have you? I’m not a toy collector, I don’t really know how this breaks down…) I hope the Sol isn’t going to be some sort of rare chase item.

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    30 Andrew S.

    This figure looks awesome! Props to Shocker for such a faithful design job. I could care less about action figures in general, but I’m definitely picking one of these up!

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    31 Hersch

    I would very much like to get one of these but I’d like to know how to go about doing that. I haven’t been able to find answers to these questions so I’ll just let it fly and hope someone can answer them.

    Can I order one directly, or will I have to talk my local comic book store into ordering a case? Will Diamond be distributing it, and if so how much will it cost? Finally, when will they be released and when should we order by?

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    32 ShockerToys

    They won’t be out untill 60-90days after Feb20th. You will see them listed in previews and hopefully a few mass stores.

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    33 Roberto

    So they should be in the next Previews at the latest if we’re going to see them in the comic shops in April-May, right? I want to make sure I don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order these!

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    34 Bischoff

    OH GOD! I will buy one of these SO HARD!!

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    35 Gabe M.

    This figure looks SICK!!! I can’t wait to buy 3 of them. One for the home, one for the office, and one to keep in the box until my unborn child is old enough to read Scud!

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    36 Frank Dirscherl

    Congrats on a superb job, Geoff. Shocker Toys should be praised for their incredible work here.

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    37 shane

    heres a pic from toy fair…

    id rather have a matte finish but this still looks damn good

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    38 Chris

    Wow, I have been waiting for close to 10 years for new scud comics and an action figure. It’s so exciting now that it’s happening. I’m forever grateful :-D

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    39 Wilson

    Me too about the matte finish. May be I can just spray the figure with matte coating.

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    40 Shocker Toys

    The figure will be in Matte finish as Rob requested. We gave him pictures of both SCUD and SOL you should see them up here soon.

    Feel free to discuss it at our forums as well

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    41 brandon

    Where will i be able to get one of these, I looked online and nobody had them not even shocker toys, thier website realy had no mention of them as far as on the ordering side of things, Is there at least a release date i could look forward too. I hope they arent so limited that you have to be at the right place at the right time to get one. everyone should be able to buy one if they want. By the way is anybody willing to sell Rob’s cover of #21 i want one so bad but could not afford to fly all the way across the country to buy one it is the best of the 4 i think.

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    42 refill

    Wow, I’m just in awe, a guy at work said bring me a moutain dew, so I just had to say where are the cheeto’s. I went on a tangent about how rob was working in the film biz and ended up going to IMDB to prove it. Low and behold I find rob posts on IMDB there’s a new site, new issues of scud, and a toy. I just about pissed my pants in excitement. Brandon is offering preorders for whole sets and scud seperately. Shocker Toys any chance of the variant being offered as a special order direct?

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    43 Shocker Toys

    The ‘SOL’ variant will be offered direct as well.

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    44 drew

    I am so happy with my Scud action figure!
    So it was a a little bit late. It was definitely worth it!
    Way better than the statue released earlier this year.
    The rest of series 1 is incredible, too!

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    45 ShockerToys

    Wow you must work for the factory as Series1 does not ship from Diamond Comics until December.

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    46 drew

    You’re such a jokester!
    I got them from your webstore, silly.
    Everyone can get them there, too. The release date was August!

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    47 drew

    Oh, man, I’m glad I pre-ordered my set!
    I think I got lucky and got one of the first sets available!
    I see now that they must have sold out of all the ones released in August, because now they are listed as a Decemember release:
    Even if they are a little late like the August ones, they will probably be available before next summer, I bet!

    Wait, are the December ones really series 2! That is so great! What a cool surprise! Thanks, Shocker! Screw Legend Comic Heroes! (Oh, I shouldn’t say that, hahaha! But they didn’t even get to series 3 and Shocker already has series 2 coming out!)

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    48 ShockerToys

    Grow up Drew. Anyone who wants proper info it is on our forums. Just join up to view the Indie Spotlight topics.

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    49 drew

    I am sorry I am wrong about series 2 coming out. It was just my dream. I don’t want to make you angry, ShockerToys. Please don’t stop being my new friend here. I am just excited to share these.

    I an NOT from China.

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    50 drew

    Yay! I talked to my uncle who said I didn’t do anything illegal!
    I did fib and say I got them from the Shocker store. Sorry. I didn’t want to worry about prosecution. I bought them form the Man who owns Chinatown who my uncle knows. Am I the first to get them?! They are so great! How can I put pictures up for everyone to see?

    Thank you my Shocker friend! For not being angry at me! And not calling the police for having illegeal toys!

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    51 drew

    Where are you Shocker friend?

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    52 reideen


    Any update on this?

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    53 reideen

    So, the end of December is fast approaching. Where’s Scud? Any news? (It’s only been 3 years now…)

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    54 Sucker Toyz

    See Shocker decided to get all Maverickey and said that they do things on their own schedule. So the release date has been changed to, “Whenever we get around to it!”

    Don’t worry, I’m sure their right around the corner, lol.

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    55 Michael

    I think a public apology to that old doubter Steve is in order, don’t you?

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    56 reideen


    Don’t know if you can answer this or not, but I’m going to ask anyway.

    How long until the license with Shocker runs out? Its become painfully obvious that these aren’t getting made – ever.

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    57 ShockerToys

    Actually Reideen they are made and have shipped to the U.S. Have you already placed an order?

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    58 Michael

    What is the absolute latest we can expect them to be available for purchase?

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    59 Michael

    Also, where will they be available, other than the Shocker Toys website?

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    60 Michael

    Also, where can I find pictures of the finished products?

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    61 Michael

    Rob, have you changed your opinion about Shocker Toys yet?

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    63 Michael

    I am someone who was initially interested in what Shocker Toys had to offer, got tired of waiting for products that were “coming out in 60 to 90 days!!” over and over and over again, then saw that the head of Shocker Toys had the bad habit of posting socks on numerous message boards praising his company for its imaginary products. I am someone who gave them one more chance when they said the product would ship in December, later to find out they meant leave China in December(please not that when every other company says the product will ship at a certain date, they mean when it will be available to the customer), which turned out to be December 31st. Since shipping time could take from 10 to a maximum of 20 days, I am someone who would appreciate Shocker Toys at least posting a photograph of the product promised in the box it will be sold in, instead of numerous shots of unfinished models. I am someone who doesn’t think it is moral to ask people for money upfront for a product that isn’t even in production yet, which Shocker toys has done.
    Most of all, I am someone who doesn’t want you to regret dealing with them.

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    64 John

    Personally, Michael, I can see your frustration in this issue, but as you wish to sound professional, you equally expose your own impatience. While it may be frustrating that shocker toys took a good while to finally release a product, it is a mere few weeks until they start shipping to those who preordered, and considering they wanted their initial release to be flawless, it is for this reason that the product took an extra few months to be retooled and remade to be a top knotch product which can be seen on their myspace and forum. The pictures don’t lie, and unlike you claim, these are finished products which are on their way as I am typing this. I was the guy on fwoosh posting little reviews for shocker’s exclusives, as well as updating the forums with pictures before the topic became a huge flame war, which ended in the banning of Geoff and yours truly. I am not employed by Shocker, but I do see the company as a positive movement in the toy industry, and I do believe that what I’ve seen is a superior product. You can judge for yourself, but instead of spinning your wheels online trying to fight a company that’s just trying to get the proper start that it deserves. There have been bumps and pitfalls along the way, and while there have been issues, the focus, as far as I’ve seen, has been to make a superior product for fans. All and all, the next two months will finally allow the consumer, the fan, to decide its opinion on Shocker toys’ products, and what to really think.

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    65 Michael

    Yet ANOTHER two months???

    On Shocker Toys own website, on products that supposedly shipped December 31st, all you can do is PRE-order the SCUD figurine. Do they have them in their possession or not? If not, where are the figurines that supposedly shipped on December 31st?

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    66 John

    They shipped from the factory in December, meaning people will be getting their orders within the next two months.

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    67 Michael

    Where are the figures right now? Does the company have them or not?

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    68 Dedfive

    TFAW just removed the IS1 line from Pre-order, what do they know?

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    69 Michael

    Shocker Toys is NOW saying that the figures will ship sometime in March. Since the current story is that they shipped from China in December…...well, you do the math. By the way, Diamond also won’t take their pre-orders any more.

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    70 reideen

    So Rob – how much longer do fans of Scud have to put up with Shocker’s bs? Shocker was obviously lying when he replied to me earlier on this thread and said: ShockerToys Jan 19th, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Actually Reideen they are made and have shipped to the U.S. Have you already placed an order?

    Even the slowest boat in China won’t take 3 months to make it to the US. I know you’re busy with the Sara Silverman show Rob, but can you give your fans some info – maybe something to hope for?


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    71 ShockerToys

    All the info is on our website. I don’t see how you causing trouble here can do anything if the toys are already produced.

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    72 MacQuarrie

    That’s a mighty big “if”, Shocker. Given your long and well-documented record of making false claims regarding product status and ship dates, why should anyone take your word that the toys have been produced?

    A few weeks ago, you said the toys had already been manufactured, packed and shipped to the US. They were supposed to ship December 31. Then they were sitting in a crate on the dock waiting for the rest of the shipping container to be filled with other products so that it could be shipped. Then you said they were delayed at the factory due to Chinese New Year, which was at that point two weeks away. Now you say the toys are shipping in March, but are demanding payment up front for pre-orders in violation of FTC regulations.

    You have a very serious credibility problem, and continuing to make false claims is not going to improve it.

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    73 Goblin

    Well, I bet that is the last we here from ST, since a couple of you raised some perfectly valid questions about thier un-ending string of lies and deciet. That is there norm, pound thier chest for no reason at all until someone actually asks something valid of them, then resort to name calling and avoiding the questions at all cost. If the things were sitting on a dock a month ago like master BS said before, then why are they not available now? Why? Because it was yet another one of ST lies. They have become too common and I sincerely hope that you dear Rob get as far away from thier antics ASAP.

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    74 Dedfive

    Shocker Toys. Answer the questtions.

    1. Did IS1 Ship by Dec 31, 2008?

    2. Did IS1 ship on Jan 12, 2009? This is what is listed on your website.

    3. How does the Chinese New Year effect product that should already be on the high seas?

    4. Would it be possible to answer these questions and not ignore them because you don’t like the subject matter?

    I hope you understand that your credibility is on the line here.
    The questions are not going away.

    Good day.

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    75 ShockerToys

    IS1 is on the way and has a ship date to customers of March (case closed)
    IS1 was shipped out in Jan
    Also Chinese New Year only affected an early air shipment of extra IS1 (Not the stuff on the boat!)we were going to try to have for NYCC along with the exclusives. The factory can make more then one toy and send more then one shipment! Chinese New Year is 15 days and they do close their factories!

    The product is finished you all have seen the packaged pictures and final figures. If you choose not to believe it because they look so dam good then that is your own choice! Pics here

    Plenty of other companies have delays and other problems some products canceled for ever! Did we walk away?? No we did not even with all the people trying to bring us down. Here is an interesting fact though if you keep calling out a company when they are trying their hardest and call the lyers and scammers and quoting FTC rules that cause stores to cancel orders and customers not to order You cannot demand something then rip apart the company making it less likely for them to be able to produce toys. I do not know why some of you have such a vendetta but it really is tiresome! Give it up because it will not do you any good when the toys arrive.

    They are on the way and that is it! All we can do now is wait. You have seen them finished and have seen our exclusives. The best part about all this is you people trash talking will not ever even buy the toys and had never planned in it! Thanks for looking out for all the others though and understand that we are already looking out for our ‘customers’ and making sure we put out the best product and ensure a chance to make more series in this line instead of releasing crap! Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board and make sure it is all perfect before putting it out. The final toys will speak for themselves to the ‘customers’.

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    76 Michael

    1. Your own website says they shipped January 12th-Obviously, any factory shut-down for Chinese New Year(15 days???-RIGHT) wouldn’t effect items YOU have claimed already shipped.
    2. Given a January shipping date, they should be in your hands by now, period.
    3. You are still being deliberately vague about the way you use the term “shipping dates”. When you say that they will ship to the customers in March. when specifically in March do you mean(you should know, because unless you have lied about all this shipping, they are in your hands right this minute)?
    3. Since, BY LAW, you have gone far past the legal time limit for shipping items for post-order, will you be giving refunds any time soon?

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    77 Michael

    Chinese New Year started on January 26th this year, two full weeks AFTER the January 12th shipping date. On mainland China, the factories will close for the first 2 days, though there are still a few traditionalists that will shut down for up to a week, including weekends.

    Where are the figurines RIGHT NOW?

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    78 Dedfive

    Once again, I even numbered the questions, but you still just
    put forth your spin response, and make it about the people asking the questions.

    You stated the items were to ship in December. On this point you were adamant as the public felt this meant would be shipping to customer, not imported in from China at that date.
    Then you announcement on Jan 12, 2009 that the figures had shipped. Not exclusives, mind you, but the IS1 figures themselves. You then announced that you would be heading to NYCC and have an exclusive clear Maxx and SCUD figure, and that they were to be shipped via air in time for the event. Later you changed this and decided not to attend NYCC and that the exclusive figures wouldn’t be in the ‘States until March. Subsequently, you retracted that statement and said that you would attend NYCC and be selling pre-sales for the exclusives. Then we learned that the regular IS! line wouldn’t be ready to ship to customers until the end of March 2009. Chinese New Years came after the ship date. The air shipping companies would not close down (i.e. USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.) so, it seems unclear that this excuse actually holds water.

    So, for the record:
    1. Did IS1 Ship by Dec 31, 2008?

    2. Did IS1 ship on Jan 12, 2009? This is what is listed on your website.

    3. How does the Chinese New Year effect product that should already be on the high seas?

    If you could answer these questions point for point it would go a long way to patching up some of the damage done by your handling of the situation.

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    79 domu

    So, Geoff, when you insisted for months beforehand that Indie Spotlight series 1 would ship in December, you were just making it up. When you were spamming everywhere with requests for preorders, insisting the figures would be complete and on their way in December, you were just guessing. All that time, basically all of last year, you were putting out best case scenarios, that in fact you knew had no chance of happening, as if they were fact and not just speculation or wishful thinking.
    You spoke with ABSOLUTE certainty.
    Just as you are now.
    You were making things up/guessing/speculating/wishing then.
    You were LYING then.
    Are you lying now?

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    80 Dragonflye


    1. How can a Scud NYCC exclusive figure that is NOT in actuallity physically sold at NYCC be called a con exclusive?

    This seems to me to be false advertising.

    2. If you continue to sell the figure after NYCC has ended, which history shows that you will, will you still call it the Scud NYCC exclusive?

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    81 Goblin

    Case closed huh? I think not! Who the hell would ever believe anything you spew at this point. When you said they were in the container on the dock we were suppose to believe you? When they were being held up because of China celebrating thier New year, which has only happened sevearal thousand years in a row now, we were suppose to believe you? But, but, but…now you say they are shipping and we can just take your word. Yeah, right. No thanks Gomer.

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    82 reideen

    Personally, I’d like to hear Rob’s thoughts on this.

    1. How long does Shocker have to get Scud made?
    2. Does the NYCC con ‘exclusive’ (but not really exclusive) mean Gwarff met the terms of the contract?
    3. Are you still as happy with your choice to go with Shocker – based on their enthusiasm – as you were in 2006 when these were originally announced?

    Answer the questions or not. It’s up to you. Your fans are waiting.

    Like usual.

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    83 MacQuarrie

    I was goign to respond to Shocker’s comments, but that’s rude and disrespectful to Mr. Schrab; this is his forum and not the appropriate place for such a discussion unless it directly involves the Scud toys in particular.

    I’ll take my comments back to the Lying in the Gutters forum and apologize for disrupting this forum, and simply ask one question of Shocker:

    Why do all of the packages say “The MAXX Series” in the headers? I was not aware that Scud is part of the Maxx series.

  84. Gravatar Icon
    84 domu

    I think they all say “The Maxx Series” because Geoff Beckett felt that the Maxx was the most popular among the characters and would help sell the rest of the line. Hence, the Maxx related pack-ins with each character and the Maxx related proposed mail-in figure.

    Is it a slight against the other properties to have a completely unrelated property featured as prominently on the packaging as that of the figure itself? Would it cause some confusion of the identity of the established brands of the other properties? Would people begin thinking that Katchoo and Scud were a part of MTV’s Maxx property? Are there some legitimate trademark or copyright issues involved?

    Or is it just good marketing?

  85. Gravatar Icon
    85 Michael

    Considering the fact that the pictures are photoshopped mockups, it’s more likely that the artist just got a bit sloppy. If these were actual products offered to the public, of course there would be trademark issues, but since these are just an artist’s rendition of a supposed product which might be offered sometime in the future, all we have here is yet another stalling technique from Shocker Toys.

    FYI, a “con exclusive” is a product that is only available at the stated con. If one offers said “con exclusive” to anyone other than an attendee at said con, those that bought the “con exclusive” at said con have been, well…..conned.

  86. Gravatar Icon
    86 domu

    I thought that letting your property be branded with an unrelated trademark could lead to copyright/trademark hassles if one isn’t careful.

    I wonder if Geoff is aware of that.
    On more than one occasion, he has referred to series one as the Maxx wave. Also, series two has been referred to as the Tick wave.

    I guess the figures from the other properties in each series are just afterthoughts to him.

  87. Gravatar Icon
    87 Michael

    All he brought to the NYCC was the same original rough SKUD prototype….and still more preorder forms. Shocker didn’t even bring the “exclusives” they promised everyone.

  88. Gravatar Icon
    88 reideen

    So Rob, any info on when these will actually be available? Shocker is saying March in one press release, April in another.

    How long until the license expires?

  89. Gravatar Icon
    89 Michael

    Why would the SCUD figurine be packaged with a label identifying it as part of the Maxx Series?

  90. Gravatar Icon
    90 ShockerToys

    Anyone can look online, the exclusive Maxx and Scud figures were at NYCC and NYC as well as all the IS1 series 1 action figures packaged and un-packaged. You guys just love to twist words and say things like we think of others as an afterthought. The only thing that will be an afterthought is your lies and smear campaigns. The Maxx series is just like the Pitt series or any other Series Maxx just happens to be the Mega figures but Scud has 2 figures a regular and a variant. Good luck with the campaign boys and thanks for directing so much traffic to our website.

  91. Gravatar Icon
    91 Rob

    I am going to be so glad when this shit is over with.

  92. Gravatar Icon
    92 Pariah

    You know what is hilarious. Yep he had the toys both in packaging and out…only not at the same time and not on the same day. And the packaging was clearly homemade. lol

    Who falls for this crap? lol

    Too bad he has to drag Scud, Maxx, Tick and others through the mud with him.

    Geoff Beckett you are a disgrace to con men.

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    93 Reideen

    We can’t wait for the scam to be over either Rob. How much longer is this going to go on? It is painfully obvious the figures aren’t coming ANY time soon. When does the contract run out? Shocker claims to be ‘radically transparent’ in their dealings with fans – so how about some ‘transparency’ and tell us? It would be radical.

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    94 waitingfortoys

    “IS1 will ship to customers in March. Case closed.”. It’s April now and IS1 is still listed as pre-order on the shocker site. When will they ship to customers now, Geoff? I really want to know and am not trying to attack you. Please, what is the new date these toys will be in hand and ready for sale?

  95. Gravatar Icon
    95 Pariah

    waitingfortoys, they are never coming out. Attack Gooff Wreckett or play nice, it really doesn’t matter because he sees even asking about release dates as “trolling.”

    If you paid for toys, I am sorry, but you have been ripped off. Shocker Toys only produces convention “exclusives” and they only do that so they can drag out the pre-order period of their vaporware to the extreme limits of people’s patience and/or memories.

    They are hoping that if they string you along long enough you will just write off the $20 you sent them and forget it. It happened with GWAR’s figs (go to and look at how many people got no money back and didn’t fight over it.

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    96 ShockerToys

    The toys shipped out to all customers, thanks for your concern though and are in stock at a few stores.

  97. Gravatar Icon
    97 Pariah

    What stores? You claimed they would not be available at stored until June. This shipment was less than 3000 pieces (yet another small run) as I said elsewhere, do start acting like you have produced a major line of toys. You produced yet another line that is the size of a con-exclusive. You claimed these would be available at local comic book shops and Toys R Us.

    What stores can I walk into and buy these?

  98. Gravatar Icon
    98 Zane Townsend

    I got Scud! He’s awsome! Took a while but well worth the (frustrating) wait. I’s a happy camper.

  99. Gravatar Icon
    99 Goblin

    One satisfied cutomer…..that makes what, one now?

  100. Gravatar Icon
    100 Wedge

    So are these out yet? I haven’t seen them in any stores.
    I don’t want to order one from Shocker Toys directly, I would rather look at the figure in the package and decide if I want to buy it.

    At what stores are these available?

  101. Gravatar Icon
    101 ScudRemix

    From what I have seen there is a list of where they are available and they are going into TRU last I heard but have yet to see. But the other thing I heard is Series1 is retired and they seem to be out of stock of alot on their website.

    Here is a list I saw at another forum:
    Big Bad Toy Store
    Amok Time
    Graham Crackers Comics
    Bedrock City Comics
    Newbury Comics
    New England Comics
    Dl Collectible Kingdom
    J & C Cards & Collectibles
    Midtown Comics
    Comic Fortress
    Jim Hanley’s Universe
    BaT Comics & Games
    Collector’s World
    Dreamworld Comics
    Urban Collector
    Darktower Comics & Collectibles
    Toy Anxiety
    Phat Collectibles

    Retail Outlets:
    Hastings Entertainment
    Toys R Us

    ST Direct

    I bought mine last year direct and love it. I have since picked another few up as Hastings as most were sold out there.

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