From the pages of “I can’t do anything else!” - TENTAKILLS

This is an animatic I made a few years ago when I tried to get my spec script “TENTAKILLS” produced. It didn’t break through but here it is for YOU to enjoy.

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5 Responses to “From the pages of “I can’t do anything else!” - TENTAKILLS”  

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    1 AtotheDamn

    Dammnit…I wish so much of your stuff could be the STANDARD in animation and creativity

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    2 Chris Franco

    That. Was. Awsomome. Of course, now I want to know what happens.

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    3 Art

    Ah, that was too good. Whats the name of that kickass song?

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    4 Wil

    Just saw the season premiere of Children’s Hospital and saw you directed it. That was a pleasant surprise. It was very funny. It made me laugh.

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    5 RegalSin

    The reason why this is not the standard, is that nobody is trying to pullout the animation on dept. Also people need to do more things that both an adult and child could watch without being Indian Jones.

    If Scharab had released this, between the time when Spawn, the so called adult animation was out, along with that other “adult animation on fox five” then it would have been something.

    The bigger question is, was this software based or film based.

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